Clueless Cabot

Young gay professional Cabot MacCrae has been in love with his sexy best friend, Lloyd, since high school. They’re in perfect sync on almost everything. The only problem is that Lloyd is straight.

Cabot resigned himself long ago to pining hopelessly. Then Lloyd, a roofer, takes a bad fall and injures his collarbone. When he needs some TLC, there’s no question that Cabot will be the one to nurse his friend back to health. But Lloyd’s scantily clad presence in Cabot’s house brings out Cabot’s old longings.

But when Lloyd’s well-meaning mother and aunt fix Cabot up with a blind date, Lloyd reacts like a jealous boyfriend. Lloyd’s reaction makes Cabot wonder if those longings are as unrequited as he’s always assumed. What if Lloyd has been pining for him all these years? Has Cabot just been clueless all along?

Lloyd leaned back in his chair. Cabot only then noticed he wore a T-shirt that Cabot had given him, reading Roofers bang harder. Cabot swallowed hard. "Okay. So. All right. What if I told you…"

Lloyd waited silently a full five seconds before speaking. "Told me … what?"

"You know I'm gay."

"Uh, yeah, bro. Figured that out a couple years before you told me."

"So you did. And then you asked me to shoot hoops."

Lloyd grinned. "Did I? I don't remember. Did we?"

"We did. But … well … that wasn't what I wanted to be shooting."

--from Clueless Cabot