A Date with a Dude

The book cover for "A Date with a Dude", by Andre D. Michaels, showing a partial photo of a nude young man.

Jarrod has never dated a dude before. Never even seriously considered it. But when his poker buddy Ethan asks him if he wants to, Jarrod finds it hard to say no.

What he doesn't count on is how hard it's going to be to say no to anything else that Ethan wants. Because what Ethan wants... Ethan gets.

"When I date a girl, I'm excited. I get sort of a buzz just from being around her. But a dude?" He swatted my arm with the back of his hand. "It'd be like dating you."
I laughed. "Yeah, that'd be weird." But all the same I felt this weird flutter in my belly.
Ethan was probably the most laid-back dude I knew. And there was very little he hadn't tried at least once.